41 Random Facts About Me: Birthday Edition

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

 Helen Keller

Some of you know me as some hip hop avenger renaissance lady, others just for the travels and the language learning thing. Either way, it's time I share a little bit about myself so you can see what's going on in this coconut of mine.

Here's 41 random facts about me. Hey, they could help you win Jeopardy someday if I ever become a category for being über-famous. A girl can dream.

  • I love salt and vinegar chips. I’ll choose them over any other flavor unless there’s a bag of Ruffles con Queso. And they have to be the ones you find at the Mexican market. They just hit differently. They are a special treat when I can get them.
  • My first car was a 1974 red Super Beetle named Daisy. I didn’t even know how to drive when I got her. I literally saw the ad on Craigslist, had money burning a hole in my pocket, and asked my friend Elmer to drive me to go get her. He also taught me how to drive stick in the Oakland hills. I named her Daisy because at the time I was a super-duper raver girl and loved anything with daisies and happy faces on them. Such a GenXer.
  • Speaking of Volkswagens, I’ve had at least six ranging from a 1960 Mango green walkthrough bus that was stolen one night, a slammed 67 bug that lost more mufflers than I could count, a 1958 bug that ended up having all kinds of bad luck to my gold 1959 named Ludwig Von Volkswagen. I could write books about all of my VW adventures like the time my brakes went out on 98th avenue in Oakland going downhill coming from the 580 freeway or when my bug had electrical issues and every time I’d hit a bump on the road all of my lights would go out.
  • And just to show you how much big of a VW fan I am, my first trip across the pond was to Germany for the sole purpose of getting to Wolfsburg. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to be in Berlin, but I wanted to get to the VW motherland badly. It didn’t disappoint and I even cried while eating a sandwich on a bench staring at the old factory. Next time I’ll make it an overnight trip!
1959 VW Bug, my golden boy Ludwig.
  • I’m a huge James Bond fan. My favorite James Bond? That’s easy, Sean Connery. I love spy movies in general. Another favorite is The Saint with Val Kilmer. The soundtrack is fire, too.
  • Another movie franchise I’m obsessed with is Indiana Jones. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist, travel the world, and go on adventures. Well, I guess I got part of that right.
  • My favorite movie of all time? That’s a tough one, but I’ll go with GoodFellas.
  • Lastly, with movies, I can’t do chick flicks. Every time someone mentions The Notebook I die a bit inside.
  • In high school, my English teacher discovered that I had a knack for writing poetry and short stories. Still, I had my heart set on becoming a chiropractor and I used music and writing solely for therapeutic purposes. Through my career changes, I've always come back to writing and music.  It's settled, I’m indecisive.
  • I have bipolar disorder. No, that doesn't mean I'm happy one minute and then ready to kill you the next. I actually can’t stand it when people use bipolar disorder as a crutch to act like assholes. I was diagnosed years ago and it gave me a better understanding of myself. I manage it through healthy eating habits and exercise. I hate taking pills.
Just look at this Penelope Cruz dupe! (1998?)
  • I used to have crippling anxiety. I couldn’t eat out in restaurants and I would ask my boyfriend to order food for us because I just couldn’t talk to people. It got so bad that I would hyperventilate and pass out sometimes. It cost my parents $800 once for an ambulance ride to take me across the street to the hospital after I passed out at a bus stop.
  • I should have been dead a long time ago. During the first years of my life, I was in and out of the cardiologist's office. Hospitals scare me for that reason. Two attempted kidnappings: one while living in Tijuana and the other one in Oakland. White unmarked vans make me ready to fight. I've been robbed at gunpoint twice. This year I went through hell again, and healthcare in this country is a joke. In any case, the universe has tried but I'm still here. Blessed. 
  • I love learning and being around people that can teach me something useful.  I feel the need to learn at least one new thing each day. I'm a hodgepodge of everyone I've met thus far in this journey. With information readily available,  I find it appalling that many people still choose to remain ignorant. 
  • ART! ART! ART! I need to be surrounded by beautiful things constantly. Food plating is just as important to me as the taste and quality of the ingredients (this is why I love to cook).  When buying art pieces, I look for uniqueness. And I love reading about artists and what inspires them. If I can talk to them personally, even better! I like to decorate and create. Colors, patterns, and textures. GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!! From clothes to home appliances, I see the artistic value in everything.
  • I’m a huge DRAG fan. Notice I said, drag and not Drag Race which I do love, but I’ve been going to drag shows for a while now and I like going to shows to support local drag queens. I admire their hard work and creativity. Psst…I’m currently watching Drag Race Holland on WOW+. I’m learning drag terms in Dutch
Season 6 Finale at the Tropicana (2014)
  • I’ll try anything once, but there are just some things I don’t care to EVER try like balut, durian, and that maggot filled cheese they’ve got in Italy.
  • If I were being executed, my last meal would have to be a five carne asada taco plate with radishes, escabeche, green tomatillo salsa, and a nice tall cold horchata to wash it down. Due to illness, I have a strict diet, so this is my way of going out, baby!
  • My second favorite food is pizza. I’m a bit of a plain Jane here with a Margherita pizza, but why would you mess with perfection?
  • My third favorite food is sushi. Give me like a spicy tuna roll (or any roll with some spice in it) and a whole lot of sashimi. I need that fatty tuna and yellowtail! If I’m super hungry, I’ll add some veggie tempura.
  • I used to be a vegetarian and a vegan for about 10 years. That ended with a piece of KFC. I know, disgusting. All isn't lost though. Being a vegetarian (and then a vegan) taught me to check my food labels, eat organic and seasonal food, and portion control.  I occasionally eat red meat but prefer chicken and seafood. I found balance. 
Sublime Vegan Raver (2001)
  • I love coffee! I prefer it black if I’m having a drip or cold brew. Otherwise, an almond milk latte is my jam. I can’t do any of those sugary coffee drinks. BLECH! Don’t even me started on why I think pumpkin spice lattes are vomit in a cup. 
  • I also love tea! There are at least 10 varieties of loose and bagged tea in my cupboard. My favorites are Chai, Moroccan Mint, and Genmaicha. 
  • I hate shopping malls (and other crowded places). The thought of buying clothes at the mall makes me sick to my stomach.  I prefer to go thrifting, buy from places like Etsy, Poshmark, and from smaller shops around town. I like mixing old with new and a dash of my own flair.
  • Speaking of clothes, scarves. They are by far my favorite accessory. You’ll see me rocking them on my trips like everywhere. My most used one is the colorful Marimekko for Target one. It just makes me happy.
The infamous Marimekko for Target scarf that goes with me EVERYWHERE!
  • Brow gel, lipstick, and mascara are all I need really. I tend to wear little to no makeup most days and I’m more about skincare. I have all kinds of creams, serums, oils, peels, masks, do-dads on my counter. In the office, I have a rosewater facial spray that I use frequently throughout the day. I also keep one in my bag at all times.
  • My favorite cocktail is a Dirty Martini, but I’ll also take an Old Fashioned if I’m looking for a stiff drink. I don't do foo foo shi shi drinks, you know like the candy tinis and I'd rather die than be caught drinking a White Claw or a Moscow Mule.
Vintage Dior and an Old Fashioned
  • Pet Peeves? Rude and ungrateful people. Would an excuse me or thank you kill you? Sheesh. Another pet peeve, people who want to touch my face or my computer screen. Trust, it's happened before.
  • My favorite holiday is my birthday. I usually celebrate it with a trip, although in the last few years some weird things have happened. A tornado in Lisbon? The fall of Hong Kong? Yikes. A nice steak dinner will do. Second favorite? Halloween. I mean do I need to explain this one?
  • …and if you’re wondering yes I have a holiday that I absolutely despise: Valentines’ Day. An obviously now ex of mine decided to regift me some perfume (gross Diesel) and dead flowers. How's that for romance? *eye roll* I've hated the holiday since. On the other hand, my husband doesn't have to worry about getting me anything.
  • I’m a California girl through and through. I go through avocados like crazy! I prefer the heat to the cold. I’m pretty easy going and generally want to keep the peace. Drama belongs in a soap opera. If it weren’t for my VW bug, I’d probably be driving a hybrid of some sort. LOL. 
  • I can be pretty granola sometimes, so I’m told. I love to burn my incense or diffuse oils and just chill. Bad juju be gone! I'm very much a live and let live, mind your own fucking business type of gal.
  • I do my best work at night. I don’t know why that is, but I feel more in tune with the night. 
Bedroom Producer (2007)
  • I have no tattoos! And isn’t what you think. I thought about getting one and then I’d change my mind. I would think of something else, and then think about if I’d like it after a few years. Needless to say, I’m a blank slate and that’s how I’ll stay. I did get a tongue piercing when I was younger, but it gave me a lisp and I took out the piercing after a week.
  • The first time I got on a plane was to go to Boston to be part of a Berklee College of Music, Music for Video Games program. I met one of my favorite humans on that trip too and have been homies ever since. We also have collaborated on music. FYI: I had Dunkin’ Donuts for the first time and couldn’t stop eating their flatbreads until I flew back to California.
One of the professors called me a Young Schoenberg. I was like, “Um okay.”
  • I married the kid from the 4th-grade violin class. It still trips me out. I met my future husband in a music class. We were both shy so we never said a word to each other. Fast forward to 2005 when my sister convinced me to make a Classmates account. He was the first person I reached out to and the rest is history. We ended up visiting our music teacher at her store. She was delighted to see us together. 
  • If I could have any power I’d choose telekinesis. As a traveler, I’m surprised I didn’t say teleportation, but I’ve always been fascinated by the possibility of moving objects with your mind. Shoutout to Jean Grey.
  • My favorite color is purple.
  • In my fridge, I always have avocados, eggs, cheese, tortillas, tomatoes, lemons, and hot sauce. If all fails, I can always make myself a good omelet and wash it down with a citron preseé.
  • It’s 2 am, what am I watching? Sex in the City reruns if Living Single isn’t on. My husband and I have just recently started watching Boston Legal. Oh did I tell you that one of my celebrity crushes is James Spader? Well, now you know. 🙂 
  • I was named after Charlie’s Angel: Jill Munroe. Elizabeth is my middle name and also my mother’s name.
  • In case you’re wondering: I’m a Libra, Sagittarius Rising with a Cancer Moon, an ENTJ, and Enneagram 1w3. *wink* I wouldn’t try to psychoanalyze me though, it’s all a fucking mess in there. 
  • BONUS: If I had an entrance song, it would be “Stay Fly” by Three Six Mafia. I listen to it any time I need to lift my spirits up.


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