Amsterdam: Beauty at Every Turn, Adventure at Every Sight

The Netherlands is more than just Amsterdam; Amsterdam is more than just the green leaf cafes and Red Light District.  Stick to the latter, and you are genuinely missing out on what makes this city great: canals, architecture, shopping, and FOOD! From Amsterdam Centraal Station, you can head to Haarlem or Zaanse Schans in less than 30 minutes or Rotterdam in over an hour. Grab a walkthrough bike and get going. If you will be exploring by foot, look both ways, up to the sky, down to the ground, and both ways again before you cross the street. The bike is KING here! This city will leave you speechless.

More About Amsterdam

  • Noord Holland Part II: Amsterdam

    Noord Holland Part II: Amsterdam

    Besides to think that Dutch was merely German's clog wearing cousin would lead to some serious conversational faux pas. I could only get about three pages in on a flight from Los Angeles to Copenhagen; yet, somehow I was going to learn Dutch by osmosis. It was wishful thinking at best.

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  • Noord Holland Part I: Amsterdam

    Noord Holland Part I: Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is beginning to open up like a flower when it's caressed by the sun.  As I'm trekking, the city is coming alive before my eyes.  Shopkeepers greet each other in languages that are not Dutch, Vespas try to keep up with traffic, the tram, THE TRAM, suitcase wheels shaking their maracas, and me internally…

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  • Playlist: Amsterdam

    Playlist: Amsterdam

    The soundtrack inspired by my travels through Amsterdam City. Please enjoy and share! Doe voorzichtig!

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