Rotterdam: A Rose in a Concrete Jungle

This felt like home to me. It was just gritty enough for my liking without losing its charm. A beautiful balance between vintage and modern while remaining unapologetically Dutch. Rotterdam should be part of your itinerary. You could visit the EuroMast to check out the views, but I prefer walking and taking the trams. The Kubuswoningen (cube houses) near the Blaak station is a must-see for anyone interested in architecture.  On the other side is Oude Haven (old port), which is also home to one of the largest markets in the Netherlands.

More About Rotterdam

  • Zuid Holland: Rotterdam

    Zuid Holland: Rotterdam

    Plenty of people kept telling me to go to Rotterdam, but I didn't understand really why. It wasn't until I did my research before my trip to the Netherlands that I completely understood the significance of the city. Rotterdam was one of the devastated cities in the Netherlands by the second world war, and by many almost entirely demolished. What you see now is the courage and resiliency through its modern architecture and iconic skyline.

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  • Playlist: Rotterdam

    Playlist: Rotterdam

    Funky, eclectic, rebellious, and unapologetic, Rotterdam is unlike any other place in the Netherlands and that's a good thing.

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