Potsdam: Keep Calm and Stay on the Bahn

If you're looking for a day trip without shelling out the extra cash (assuming you've purchased an ABC zone ticket), Potsdam is just the right place. Rent a bike and explore this lovely town.  Yes, Park Sanssouci is worth it with its palaces, monuments, and even a UNESCO world heritage site.

More About Potsdam

  • Germany: Berlin, Potsdam, and Wolfsburg

    Germany: Berlin, Potsdam, and Wolfsburg

    Arriving at the Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), there wasn’t any time to look disoriented.After all, the herd of people making their way up the stairs made sure everyone kept it moving. I was starving and rather than risk becoming a chalk outline of my former self, I went for the first place that caught my…

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