You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Wayne Gretzky I finally took the plunge and attended my first San Jose Sharks game at the SAP Center. I had always wanted to go but never had the opportunity – until now. I was excited to see my Sharks play live, and I have to

I can’t control what people say or anything like that. I have to focus on what I can control and that’s what I’m going to do. Patrick Marleau, #12 Centre/Left Wing for the San Jose Sharks Are you a first-time sports fan with no idea what to bring to the SAP Center? You’ll need something

I’m a lover of all things luxury, but I’m the first to admit that my idea of luxury might not be quite the same as yours. For me, luxury is experiencing something that lets you slow down and enjoy life in a way you simply cannot with everyday life.

There are several reasons why I quit First off, remember what I said at the beginning? One night where my brother-in-law decided to talk my ear off, I completely forgot about writing.

Alle beetjes helpen – Nederlandstalige spreekwoorden Translation: Every little helps Dutch proverb If you’ve been looking to get your feet wet in the Dutch language, the Introduction to Dutch course on FutureLearn might help. The beginners’ course by the University of Groningen goes fast in three weeks total and covers the basics such as greetings, talking

For as little as $ 11 you can catch some of the action on the diamond. Compare that to the average ticket price of $ 50 at a major league ballpark, and it’s a steal!

To boot, only having a pair of hours to explore a place isn’t really what I’m trying to do. When we docked at Grand Turk Island (Cockburn Town), all I could see was a block of overpriced shops. BORING. It was so hot we spent our time beneath a canopy.  By the time we went to check out the taxis, we didn’t have enough time to tour the rest of the town.

On the Carnival Victory, the pool was the size of an inflatable backyard pool. It had one waterslide which was broken for most of the trip. There’s a gym, I guess. If you like to do sing-a-longs, I guess you’d be alright.

Initially, I was supposed to head down south to Toulouse to see some friends. When that fell through, as in I never received a response to confirm, I was looking for another place to visit for a few days that was still close enough to Paris since I was set to depart from Charles De Gaulle. In just a matter of days, the Thalys train ticket was at about €100 (approximately $ 117 USD) one-way. This was a no-brainer. I needed a cheap ticket out of Paris.

I’ve paid $8 for three oysters. THREE OYSTERS!! So when I saw a dozen for $17.95, it was a no-brainer. Cloudy? Smells funky? You’ve got bad oysters. RUN!