Learning Dutch? Here's a great collection of Dutch language learning resources to help you get fluent in Dutch! Start learning Dutch today.

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    FutureLearn : Introduction to Dutch

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  1. BBC Languages Dutch – although it is no longer being updated, it's still a good resource.
  2. Dutch Grammar – well, it is what it is. Dutch grammar lessons.
  3. DutchPod101.com – there are free language resources, and then there's premium content. They also have a YouTube channel and a podcast.
  4. Easy Dutch – “Learn language from the streets!” They have other languages available. It's one of my favorite YouTube channels.
  5. Future Learn: Dutch – free language course.
  6. italki – perfect for a more personalized language learning experience. They also have an app, and you can pay per lesson!
  7. LearnDutch.org – there are free language resources, and there's also premium content. Check out the YouTube channel: Learn Dutch with Bart de Pau.
  8. Pimsleur – language immersion course. A bit pricey, but well worth it!
  9. SquidTV – listings of television channels and radio stations. Check out Belgium and the Netherlands for Dutch.
  10. TaalPortaal – also a great resource for Afrikaans and Frisian.
  11. WikiTravel: Dutch Travel Phrasebook – you also get a quick guide to Flemish.


  1. Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audiobooks – free with in-app purchases. Available for iOS and Android, I love this app. You can read and listen to books in two languages.
  2. Duolingo – FREE. I know many folks who don't like Duolingo, but it has its upsides. It's easy to start, just download the app or head over to their site and start learning. I especially love chatting with the bots and trying to earn more lingots (in video game speak, cash, coins, and rubies) to unlock more culture lessons.
  3. Mango Languages – subscription required; $19.99/month or FREE with any participating library. I used to get this for free from my local library, and one day they suddenly stopped supporting it. It's similar to Duolingo, but it focuses more on visual and audio. The monthly subscription is $19.99, but you'll have over 70 languages at your fingertips. I love those in-between lessons that give you cultural tips. You can access Mango Languages via web and download lessons through the app (iOS and Android) on to your phone or tablet.
  4. Polly Lingual Dutchfree with in-app purchases. This used to be called Zeer Goed Dutch and now is part of a language suite where you can learn other languages also. I have this on my AppleTV as well as on my iPhone for easy access and learning on the go. If you want to unlock all 13 languages, you'll need to get the Polly Passport. The annual fee is $9.99. I love this subscription because I can also access it on other devices. It's also one of the cheaper options out there. One thing to note is that you can also hire a Polly Ambassador who are live video tutors.  Their rates and experience are listed clearly.
  5. Speak and Translate by Apalon Apps – free with in-app purchases. Available for iOS only.
Books for Dutch language learners


  1. A Frequency Dictionary of Dutch (Routledge Frequency Dictionaries)
  2. Colloquial Dutch: The Complete Course for Beginners
  3. Dutch Phrase Book (Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Books)
  4. Lonely Planet: Dutch Phrasebook & Dictionary
  5. In-Flight Dutch: Learn Before You Land by Living Language
  6. Hugo in Three Months: Dutch  by Jane Fenoulhet
  7. Learn Dutch: A Complete Phrase Compilation for Traveling to the Netherlands by Innovative Language
  8. Say It Right in Dutch: The Fastest Way to Correct Pronunciation by Easily Pronounced Language Systems
updated: 2023/05/16

Fail Fast and Fail Often

I failed to learn Dutch (Nederlands)  before my trip to the Netherlands in Spring 2016.  How so? The Dutch wanted to speak English with me! I'm learning it gradually as it has some similarities to German. In Belgium, I didn't use it as much, either. Then, I completed an introductory course on FutureLearn and did better, but it's still Dutch, you know? I'm still going at it. Tot ziens!

How much Dutch can you actually learn in 3 weeks?

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