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San Francisco Bay Area: Hella Dope

That's all I have to say about that.

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DAY 6: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)

 هر آن‌چه که ذهن انسان بتواند تصور و باور کند، دست‌یافتنی است.har aanche ke zehn-e ensaan betavaanad tasavvor va baavar konad, dastyaaftani ast. Whatever the mind Read More


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DAY 9: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)

پرسیدن عیب نیست٬ ندانستن عیب است porsidan e’yb nist, nadānestan e’yb ast“He that nothing questions, nothing learns.”Literally, “The shame is not in asking; shame is in Read More