San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area: Hella Dope

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Polyglot Candy Hearts Collection

Polyglot Candy Hearts Collection is a Valentine collection for Language Nerds. Say it in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and English. Over 200 candy heart stickers included!



Couchsurfing: Hits and Misses. Mostly Misses.

After creating a profile and finding hosts, I had to deal with creepers. Yes, somebody had to say it. I don’t care how many people try to romanticize this notion that all is kum-ba-ya, you will encounter people who create a fake profile to meet potential hookups. I think you’re looking for Grindr, buddy.



Deutsch(land) Part II: Culture Shock or How to Offend a German

I then explained that I gathered how Germans (at least in Berlin) were domineering, yet friendly, assertive, but also timid. Perhaps it was the ever presence of authority in the form of police and if you didn’t see them, you definitely heard the sirens. Later in our conversation he would say, “I’m not sure. It’s like they sense danger and appear out of nowhere!” Despite that, Berliners were also carefree like children at the playground or teenagers at a mall with unlimited funds. Even I was surprised to see open bottles at the park, on the train, and as I walked on rugged streets. My first instinct as an American was, “OMG!! You’re going to get arrested!!” At the same time, I found order. People weren’t even pushing others to get into the Bahn. Is this real life?!