Introducing a compilation of tunes that capture the essence of this magnificent city in the desert. The playlist is a thoughtful blend of genres that are befitting of the various moods and vibrations that course through Sedona. Starting with the easy, laid-back tunes that mirror the calm that surrounds Sedona, we have the likes of

Saint-Valentin: La Fête Des Amoureux.

Listen to this playlist, and enjoy the evening with your significant other!

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” Rudyard Kipling Fun Facts about Iran Iran is one of the world’s biggest producers of saffron, caviar, and pistachios! When visiting someone in Iran, it is customary to bring pastries or flowers. Alcohol is banned. I’m surprised by the caviar, to be honest.

پدر و پسری درراه دیدند که تابوتی را میبرند.پسر پرسید: ” کجا میبرند؟ “پدرگفت: ” به جایی که نه غذا هست، نه اب و نه روشنایی!”پسرگفت: ” پس به خانه ما میبرند!! ”  Pedar va pesarey dar râh tâbotey râ dedand ke bordeh meyshod.Pesar porsid, “khojâ meybarand?”Pedar goft, “be jâyee ke na qazâ hast, na

All of this language learning has given me the travel bug again. I’ve put together a nice little playlist to get rev your travel engines! It also makes a great Thursday evening, tapas-and-vino soirée soundtrack.

Gazpacho is a cold soup in Spanish cuisine specifically from the Andalusia region. The word gazpacho is said to be driven from the Arabic word for “soaked bread.” Still, if you do some research there conflicting stories on how the word gazpacho came to be, although the old dish is mentioned in Greek and Roman literature.

Happy Summer Solstice! Let’s celebrate the occasion with some music. Don’t forget to share the love! xo

The desert has its holiness of silence, the crowd its holiness of conversation. – Walter Elliot My friend Mike was here for a little less than a week, and I wanted to show him around the other side of California. Not the pretty beaches (although we did end up there at some point.) nor the

Here in California, we are having a bit of a downpour to kick off the vernal equinox. For us at home, it means champagne, a cheese plate, and plenty of conversation. Spring cleaning? No, thank you. Pass the manchego and jamón Iberico s.v.p.

Before my father’s death three years ago, I didn’t ‘celebrate’ Día De Los Muertos. I didn’t know enough about it as my family didn’t build altars or gave much of a second thought to it growing up. There was a period in my life where I was ashamed of my heritage. Sometimes those phrases and stereotypes that permeate the airwaves do get to people like me, who are too American when I visit México and too Mexican as an American.