Montréal in the Fall

If I'm only going to take one trip in a year, it shall be for my birthday. Months of research combing through travel forums I decided that I wanted to spend not only my birthday in Montréal, but also experience real autumn weather. I'm glad I bundled up and brought winter clothes

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DAY 28: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)

Weekends are really when I get most of my tasks done. During the week it’s nothing but work, study, work, eat cheese, and then eat more cheese. When making my to-do list, I wasn’t worried about heavy grammar.



Playlist: Zaanse Schans

The windmills are calling and the alluring smell of chocolate leads you to local chocolatiers. Thirsty? There’s plenty of sinaasappelsap (orange juice) to go around. This playlist was inspired by my day trip to Zaanse Schans. Please enjoy it and share!


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Zuid Holland: Rotterdam

Plenty of people kept telling me to go to Rotterdam, but I didn’t understand really why. It wasn’t until I did my research before my trip to the Netherlands that I completely understood the significance of the city. Rotterdam was one of the devastated cities in the Netherlands by the second world war, and by many almost entirely demolished. What you see now is the courage and resiliency through its modern architecture and iconic skyline.