Each staycation idea can be a great way to stay safe and stay in town while still having fun. The pandemic has made many stay at home with their families. Staying busy can be challenging, but staycationing is an easy way for you and your family to stay healthy and spend time together.

Be sure to dog-proof your car and dog travel supplies before leaving on a road trip, so an accident or dog escape does not occur while you are driving. Feed them! Give them water! Take them for a walk! Your puppers might poop themselves out which makes your drive easier.

If you always seem to have trouble figuring out what’s necessary when making your list, I’m going to share with you how to prepare ahead so that packing is simple and stress-free. When you’re packing for your next road trip, remember these simple tips to make sure that everything fits and that you’ll bring the items you need to make the trip more enjoyable.

For as little as $ 11 you can catch some of the action on the diamond. Compare that to the average ticket price of $ 50 at a major league ballpark, and it’s a steal!