A Mari Usque Ad Mare

Québec: La Belle Province

“Je me souviens,” or I remember is Québec’s motto and often seen on license plates donning a fleur-de-lys. I was given Québec in French class as part of a le monde Francophone group assignment a few years back and I knew that one day I would visit. This place has its charm, but the real adventure starts when you visit outside the major cities.

Montréal in the Fall

If I’m only going to take one trip in a year, it shall be for my birthday. Months of research combing through travel forums I decided that I wanted to spend not only my birthday in Montréal, but also experience real autumn weather. I’m glad I bundled up and brought winter clothes.

Québec City: Day Tripping to a UNESCO World Heritage Centre

I almost slept in and missed an early train to Québec. Luckily, I made it with time to spare and was greatly rewarded on my journey to and from Québec City. If I had to do it all over again, I would stay for a weekend.