When I travel I always pack 10 pairs of shoes and then wear the same crappy sneakers everyday. Why am I stupid? Lilly Singh We’ve all been there before: standing in front of our packed suitcase, questioning whether we need to bring that extra pair of shoes. Or packing so many clothes that we can

I love it when I overpack my suitcase so much that I’m dripping sweat trying to zip it closed. Taye Diggs You never want to be caught without your essentials while traveling. But at the same time, you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy bag full of things you don’t need. So what’s

Omg, I’m leaving tomorrow. It finally hit me today when I was going over my packing list and getting rid of anything I deemed unnecessary. “How did those get in there?”

Nothing lets you know you’re carrying WAYYY too much on your trip than that nagging “I told you so,” voice while you’re trying not to die on the airport escalators.

Of course, this does not include skin care and other toiletries, so you have to be mindful, resourceful and LOGICAL. Sorry, I couldn’t type that last sentence with a straight face. I’m guilty of that nonsense too