Although these three French verbs are often overlooked, not only beginners but also students who have been learning French for many years will be happy to discover that they help one learn many other words.

I hadn’t given myself enough time to enjoy Brussels to the fullest. Three days was shortchanging myself and disrespecting Belgium. Hashtag BXLOVE.

This time I went back towards the Brussels-Midi Transit Station. There you can take the tram, a bus, or the metro. Getting a ticket is easy. I suggest you get a pass so that you can just tap and go. I purchased a 3-day pass. Pay attention to the platforms and maps. Study them for a few and take a few screenshots.

Even as the sun was setting Saint-Gilles roared on. It was loud but fun. “So, besides frites what else do people here around here?”, I asked.

Initially, I was supposed to head down south to Toulouse to see some friends. When that fell through, as in I never received a response to confirm, I was looking for another place to visit for a few days that was still close enough to Paris since I was set to depart from Charles De Gaulle. In just a matter of days, the Thalys train ticket was at about €100 (approximately $ 117 USD) one-way. This was a no-brainer. I needed a cheap ticket out of Paris.