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Noord Holland Part IV: Zaanse Schans and Zaandijk

Once I tell her I’m visiting from California, she lights up and begins to tell me about her travels through California in a VW bus in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Before I can sit down with my cappuccino and truffle, she pulls up a chair and continues to talk about her travels. She remembers the smells, sounds, and that gorgeous California coast, which she describes in great detail. Her favorite city, San Francisco. One day I will go back. The young lady who assisted me initially, chimes in with her travels to Japan and before you know it we are sharing experiences. Three women from different age groups just enjoying each others company and learning through storytelling.


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Amstelveen and How I fell in Love with Albert Heijn

I kept seeing people with large, bright blue shopping bags with the initials OH, or so I thought they were OH. A group of girls almost got impaled by a BMW driving too fast right in front of me, and my stomach was less than sympathetic. The store location was about the size of a typical liquor store back in the States; however, it had Whole Foods quality items at Trader Joe’s prices.


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How To Support Your Local Economy

We are indeed living in trying times, and it’s been hard to feel hopeful while feeling hopeless. However, right now, more than ever, we have to be resourceful and community-oriented. This pandemic isn’t an invitation to act like an entitled jackass. Instead, look at how you could help your local economy thrive. Your dollars help your community by staying in your community. As always, practice proper social distancing and only send healthy people in your family out to get food.