North America

North America

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I wanted mine to speak loud and clear.


What a beautiful place! The best fall season I have ever experienced in my life was in Montréal and then Québec City. The folks here are lovely, and the food leaves your taste buds wanting more.


From border towns to mesmerizing coastlines, I often visit rediscovering the motherland at every turn. The diverse landscapes lend themselves to unexpected adventures.

Spain (España)

¡Olé! Madrid or Barcelona? Exploring Spain’s Moorish roots, visiting a municipality that bears my last name and eating all the jamón my little heart desires is good enough for me.


I’ve dreamed of this moment for the longest time. As a Francophile, to me it’s as it good as it gets. I gave myself this early birthday present for Christmas. I’ve been counting down to October.

Netherlands (Nederland)

Bikes, orange, fries, and tulips. Pancakes, cheese, and coffee. Amsterdam is breathtaking, but you’ll miss out on what the rest of this country has to offer if you don’t get on the train.

United States

50 States = 50 Ways of Life. I can’t stress that enough to anyone thinking of visiting the U.S. There is still much to teach and learn from my neighbors. Crushing stereotypes one state at a time.

Germany (Deutschland)

My first visit was for a conference that I ended up skipping. As a history buff Berlin was a given, but the Deutsch Bahn helped me discover other regions in a matter of hours.


Azulejo: Portugal’s Famous Ceramic Tiles. They are the reason for the visit. Seafood will be the icing on the cake. Is this really the San Francisco of Europe? A costa oeste?