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Carnival Cruise Lines : My First (and Last) Time Cruising

To boot, only having a pair of hours to explore a place isn’t really what I’m trying to do. When we docked at Grand Turk Island (Cockburn Town), all I could see was a block of overpriced shops. BORING. It was so hot we spent our time beneath a canopy.  By the time we went to check out the taxis, we didn’t have enough time to tour the rest of the town.



Día De Muertos: A Time for Reflection

Before my father’s death three years ago, I didn’t ‘celebrate’ Día De Los Muertos. I didn’t know enough about it as my family didn’t build altars or gave much of a second thought to it growing up. There was a period in my life where I was ashamed of my heritage. Sometimes those phrases and stereotypes that permeate the airwaves does get to people like me, who are too American when I visit México, and too Mexican as an American. 


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DAY 13: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)

سالی که نکوست٬ از بهارش پیداست  sāli ke nekust, az bahāraš peydāst “If the beginning is good, the end must be perfect.”Literally, “A good year is evident in its Spring.” Finding Movies and TV Shows in Persian (Fārsī) YouTube is always my go-to for TV shows and movies in foreign languages. Netflix is another alternative. […]