How a Staycation can Keep You Safe and Help You Rediscover Your Backyard

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber

The pandemic has hampered travel for many of us, including those with health issues. A staycation scratches the travel itch and still keeps you safe.

For families that live in an area where getting around is limited or not possible, staycations can open up your world and not be too strenuous on your family. Staycations are also a great way to keep your family close together and stay safe while you're doing it. Now it's only me, a husband, and a dog, but I stay close to home mostly. I have done many staycations before without even thinking about it like that. Weekend getaways can still help break up the monotony of work and daily life.

In LA or SD for the weekend? Take a day trip to Palm Springs and the Salton Sea.

How Groupon Can Help You Rediscover Your City

Research your local area for staycation adventures. I find Groupon great for this. In the past, I have bought tours, museum tickets at a discount, and accommodations.

I live in SoCal, and relaxing staycation adventures might include:

Visiting a museum, zoo, or aquarium in your area that you've never been to. I found that some museums are offering discounts through their website. Check out what is available near your house for your staycation adventure. The great thing about staycations is that families don't have to travel far to rediscover the world around them.

Purchasing tickets for the theater or shows. My husband and I ended up at two Cirque du Soleil shows. By the way, OVO and Luzia were lit.

Visit the SoCal wine country in Temecula. It isn't just for brunch and wine! In the summer, you can do hot air balloon rides or my favorite Shakespeare in The Vines. It's what it sounds like: Shakespeare plays at a vineyard.

Go casino hopping. It ain't Vegas, but we can have the same gaming fun for a lot less. You can also find food and wine festivals here. Casinos aren't just for gambling. If you're lucky enough to have a casino near you, check out their spa services and restaurants. One of my favorite sushi spots is at the local casino.

There's no crying in baseball! Catch a game at Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium

And speaking of casinos, the hotels can be top-notch. Pretend you've gone somewhere special by eating out at fancy restaurants near your staycation hotel. I did this and found it great for my soul, even if we just had breakfast food delivered to our room to eat while watching TV.

Purchasing tickets for whale watching or a harbor tour. San Diego and Orange County are great for this. I do a harbor tour anytime I'm near a harbor. It's one thing to see the ocean from land *BORING* and quite another to be on a boat letting the ocean air smack you.

Or, if we want to leave the mainland altogether, book a spot on Catalina Island and take one of the ferries out there for the weekend.

Staycations don't have to be expensive or far away!


Friends and Family = Cheap Staycation with a Few Caveats.

If you staycation with friends or family, staying with family and friends can reduce the cost of staying by sharing expenses. Ensure you have had a thorough conversation so there aren't any surprises. That means talking about *dun dun dun* costs. Do it sooner than later. It'll save you a lot of heartache and headaches later. Figure out how people will pay. Venmo? PayPal? Zelle? Just pick one and work out the details. Still can't get everyone to commit to a date? My favorite app for this is Doodle.

They are the “Never send another “When can you meet?” email again” people.

Each staycation idea can be a great way to stay safe and stay in town while still having fun. The pandemic has made many stay at home with their families. Staying busy can be challenging, but staycationing is easy for you and your family to stay healthy and spend time together.

Staycations are definitely “in” this season and forever part of the new normal, so don't stay cooped up inside! Go out into your backyard and learn something new about it- now you may be able to find bird-watching spots nearby too! Take a walk around that park you've wanted to visit or enjoy the world from your back door. The staycation idea can be a much easier way to stay healthy and not get frustrated with the lack of going out or traveling over this epidemic. Have fun staycationing and stay safe!

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