DAY 15: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)

مار گزیده از ریسمان سیاه و سفید می‌ترسد 

mār gazide az rismān-e siyah va sefid mitarsad

“Once bitten, twice shy.”
Literally, “He who has been bitten by a snake, is (even) scared of a black-and-white rope.”

Songs in Persian (Fārsī)

I came across a song called Dishab (دیشب) by Marjan Farsad. Dishab means last night. The song is so beautiful, composition and all, but I wish I understood the exact meaning instead of having to rely on Google Translate. Kudos to whoever put this lyric video together. They also provided useful vocabulary. I've also added a link to a live performance of the song.

Dishab Lyric Video with English Subtitles

Dishab – Marjan Farsad Live at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC

Dishab by Marjan Farsad

دیشب زیر نور ماه خوابیدم
خوابِ تو و چشماتُ دیدم
توی خواب لب هاتُ بوسیدم
با یه بغضِ گنده از خواب پریدمبا مدادِ آبی و سفیدم

با مدادِ آبی و سفیدم
عکس تو رو روی ماه کشیدم
ابر اومد و روی ماهُ پوشوند
تا سایه ی سیاهشُ دیدم
دلم تنگ شد برای بوسه هامون
گریه کردم هی چشمامُ مالیدم
هی هی هی هی هی هی
هی هی هی هی هی هی

تو ستاره برق چشماتُ دیدم
به تنهاییِ خودم خندیدم
تنهایی که شاخ و دم نداره
میاد و یه کوه از غم میاره
دلم تنگ شد برای خنده هامون
میاد صدات از خاطره هامون
هاها ها ها ها ها هاهاها
ها ها هاها ها ها هاهاها

باد با یه قاصدک اومد
نشست کنارم تا گریهم بند اومد
گفت دیشب آروم خوابیدی
خواب هفت تا پادشاهُ دیدی
دلم تنگ شد برای لحظه هامون
من موندم و صدای باد و بارون
هوهوهو هو هوهو
هو هو هو هو هوهو

Translation from Google Translate

I slept under the moonlight last night.

I dreamed you and your eyes.

I kissed my lips. 

I fell asleep with a little bit.

With my pencil (pastel) blue and white.

I took your photo on the moon.

The cloud came and covered the moon.

I saw my shadow.

I got tight to kiss me.

I cried, I was rubbing my eyes

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

You starred in my eyes (maybe “I saw stars twinkle in your eyes”).

I laughed myself alone.

Loneliness that does not horn. (“That alone does not have horns and tails.”)

Come on and make a mountain of sorrow.

I miss you to laugh.

Come on out of my memory. (“Calling into our memories.”)

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

The wind came with a dandelion.

The meeting was sitting next to me.

You said you slept last night.

Sleep seven to the king.

I miss it for the moment.

I'm rocking and the sound of wind and rain.

Hoohu, ho, hoohu.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, hoohu.

My Day 15 Worksheet

I'm so in love with her voice and have been listening to her music for hours!
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