January 14


DAY 14: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)

گر صبر کنی٬ ز غوره حلوا سازی
gar sabr koni, ze γure halvā sāzi
“With time and art the leaf of a mulberry-tree becomes satin.”
Literally, “If you exercise patience, you may make a sweet-meat out of the sour grape.”

Ordering Food in Persian (Fārsī)

Today I learned that the sale and consumption of alcohol are illegal in Iran. Therefore, I couldn't order ‘a glass of wine' or a ‘pint of beer' in my pretend restaurant. What a bummer. Still, I made a simple script, so I won't starve!

Phrases and Vocabulary

  • می‌توانم منو را ببینم ؟
    • mitavânam menu râ bebinam?
    • Can I look at the menu, please?
  • غذای محلی دارید ؟
    • qazâyè mahalli dârid?
    • Is there a local specialty?
  •  . غذایی می‌خواهم که ماهی داشته باشد
    • qazâyì mixâham ke mâhi dâšte bâšad.
    • I want a dish containing fish.
  • یک لیوان آب می‌خواستم ؟
    • yek livân âb mixâstam?
    • May I have a glass of water?
  • خوشمزه بود
    • xošmazze bud
    • It was delicious.
  • صورَتَحِسابلُطفا
    • surat-hesâb, lotfan.
    • The check, please.
  • متشکرم 
    • motshakeram
    • Thank you.
  • ماهی
    • mâhi
    • fish
  • آب
    • âb
    • water
  • آناناس
    • aanaanaas
    • pineapple
  • سیب زمینی
    • sib zamini
    • potato
  • پنیر
    • panir
    • cheese
  • تخم مرغ
    • toxmè morq
    • eggs
  • سالاد
    • sâlâd
    • salad
  • نان
    • nân
    • bread
  • مرغ
    • morq
    • chicken
  • پیتزا
    • peateza
    • pizza
  • ساندویچ
    • sānedoyech
    • sandwich
  • آبنبات
    • ābenebāt
    • candy

My Day 14 Worksheet

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