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¡JUGUEMOS AL BÉISBOL! : Baseball Terms In Español

“Cuando tienes la oportunidad de mejorar cualquier situación, y no lo haces, estás malgastando tu tiempo en la Tierra.”

Roberto Clemente

La serie mundial (world series) is here! Whether you root for las medias rojas de Boston (Boston Red Sox) or los Dodgers de Los Àngeles (Go Blue!), this is a great time for Spanish language learners to learn some béisbol terms in español. When I was a kid, I would listen to the Spanish radio broadcast for Dodgers and Angels (los angelitos de Anaheim) baseball games. My dad would have the tv muted while the radio translated the game. He eventually learned baseball terms in English and would only listen to the Spanish radio broadcast while driving. I learned many of the Spanish baseball terms before I learned them in English. When I moved to NorCal and became a fan of los atléticos de Oakland, I continued to listen to games.

You can totally pick up vocabulary using this method. Maybe baseball isn’t your jam, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning other word lists this way! Baseball season is almost over, but la temporada del baloncesto ya empezó!

¡Vamos Guerreros del Estado Dorado

Before you get to the list, don’t forget that Spanish has many dialects! In México, a home run is un jonrón, which is just Spanglish. However, in the Dominican Republic I heard cuadrangular used often. You might also hear slang variants like vuelta completa, golazo, or batazo. If the cuadrangular doesn’t leave the park (in-park home run) then it’s a cuadrangular dentro del parque, jonrón de piernas or jonrón de campo. Either way don’t worry about it too much. I just wanted to give you a heads up! Here are some common and easy words to get you going!

El Estadio (The Ball Park)

  • Astro-turf (artificial turf)
    • terreno artificial
  • Bleachers
    • graderío
  • Scoreboard
    • el marcador, la pizarra
  • Concession stands
    • los puestos de comida
  • Parking lot
    • estacionamiento
  • Ticket
    • boleto
  • Infield
    • el cuadro
  • Outfield
    • jardines

Los Jugadores (The Players)

  • Bullpen
    • bulpen
  • Catcher
    • receptor
  • Pitcher
    • lanzador
  • Infielder
    • jugador de cuadro
  • Outfielder
    • jardinero
  • First Base
    • primera base
  • Second Base
    • segunda base
  • Third Base
    • tercera base
  • Short Stop
    • jardinero corto, campo corto
  • Left Fielder
    • jardinero izquierdo
  • Center Fielder
    • jardinero central
  • Right Fielder
    • jardinero derecho
  • Manager
    • dirigente
  • Umpire
    • el árbitro
  • Batboy
    • carga bates
  • Designated Hitter
    • bateador designado

El Partido (The Game)

  • Inning
    • entrada
  • 7th Inning Stretch
    • 7MO (séptimo) tramo de la entrada
  • Top of the 9th
    • la parte alta de la novena
  • Bottom of the 3rd
    • la parte baja de la tercera
  • Strikeout
    • un ponche
  • Bases Loaded
    • bases llenas, bases cargadas

Other Resources

ESPN Deportes – the Spanish version of ESPN. You can find all deportes (sports) here.

Univision Deportes – Univision is an American Spanish language television network. You can also watch telenovelas, sitcoms, and variety shows to spruce up your Spanish!

Want more?

I’ve put together a comprehensive vocabulary guide for you language nerds like me who want to get more baseball terminology. You can download it here.

Challenge yourself and watch a game in Spanish and see how many words you can remember!



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