Announcement on Affiliate Links : Support Small Business Instead

“Money often costs too much.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello everyone!

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly removing any type of affiliate links from this website for personal reasons. Under the Aspiring Polyglot section, you will find a list of all the resources (that’s apps, websites, and BOOKS!) I’ve used to learn (and continue learning) languages.

Rather than using A—-n, I suggest that you go to a local bookstore, thrift shop, or online retailers such as Half Price Books or ThriftBooks. I’m not being paid to promote either of these stores, just passing the good word along.

If you would like to support the blog, you can do so by purchasing any of the items in the store. These items are handmade (that means less waste!), you’ll support local small business and more importantly, workers are paid fair wages.

Thank you for your time and continued support.


Facebook Post: Monday, July 16th, 2018