Carry On Essentials: Pack and GO + Travel Toiletries Packing List (2017)

Nothing lets you know you're carrying WAYYY too much on your trip than that nagging “I told you so,” voice while you're trying not to die on the airport escalators. During my last trip to Germany, I'll admit, I overpacked, but not on clothes surprisingly. I wanted to prepare for any and every situation. Even the amount of makeup I brought with me was insanely high, considering I go au natural. I was a lot better in Montréal and adopted that travel toiletries packing list. As you may have noticed, I put skincare first. Drink lots of water, and you're halfway there. I purchased my little bottle set from Tuesday Morning, but here's one just like it.

You can also REUSE travel size bottles.  No shame in filling those guys up!

Where's the Shampoo?

The great Alton Brown once exclaimed, “NO UNITASKERS!” Now, this may not work for everyone, but I suggest you give it a try. The All-One Castile Soap works wonders. It lathers up nicely, and you walk out smelling minty fresh. Although you can see that I have lotion AND shaving cream, at least with the soap you get triple action. Balance. Also, I'm trying to minimize the number of liquids in my carry-on luggage.

It isn't a perfect science, and as you keep traveling, you'll start adopting ways to maximize your time and reduce your packing headaches.  Hopefully, this will inspire you to look through your items and see where you could eliminate excess and utilize an item for more than its intended use.

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